Retro Pay Explanation and example
Posted On: Nov 01, 2022

Union Family,

Please see the attached document that has an explanation of how to read a pay stub for the retro-active payments that are in the paycheck dated tomorrow.

Pay stubs began appearing in the system this past Monday and I immediately began to get questions. Here are a few things everyone should note:

  1. This retro-active payment cannot be compared to the payments in the 2018-2021 National Agreement. The previous contract retroactive payments covered a much longer period of time more pay increases.
  2. Every employee will receive a different amount. The payments are based on paid hours for each individual person. There is not a “normal amount” we can tell anyone they will get.
  3. Employees need to look at every single page of their pay stub.  Not just the first page in order to understand all the adjustments.
  4. Taxes, retirement, and TSP will be taken out of the retro-active pay just like any other check.
  5. If employees have questions, they must contact their local or state officers or stewards first and review the questioning employee’s pay stubs. Only local/state presidents or national officers should be forwarding questions to the “retroactive issues” email address that was provided previously.


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